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Massage Therapy

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Client privacy is important to us; all services are confidential.  Clicking on a picture will provide more information.  The grey buttons open the scheduler for that service.

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In-Office Services

Welcome to our office.  We provide a friendly, safe, and clean environment for you.  Schedule an in-office visit for the best value.


On-Site  Services

This means we come to you!  A licensed Body Mechanic will come to your home or business.  Service is professional, competent, and very affordable.

Event    Services

Whether a business or large group, we can supply as many therapists as you need.  From 1 to more than 10 therapists with savings at three hours.

Swedish Massage

Swedish is the most common form of massage therapy and is often chosen for relaxation. Smooth and rhythmic strokes send you into deep relaxation. Don't be fooled, this technique has well documented health benefits.

Thai Massage

Thai massage is almost entirely different from swedish.  It is conducted on a padded floor mat with clothes on and is similar to yoga, except the client gets to relax.  An ancient art that improves flexibility.



Precision Neuro-Muscular Therapy uses clinical reasoning based on observable evidence to assess and treat your pain. Mechanical pain is often caused by soft tissue dysfunction.  Let us help you get OUT OF PAIN!


Kinesio Taping

Therapeutic use of kinesio tape is an affordable and effective treatment.  It is uniqe from other forms of tape and bandage, kinesio tape can accelerate healing and relieve pain with a skillful application.

Body Wraps

Mylar body wraps are not just a decadent endulgence.  Besides being relaxing and refreshing, they are extremely detoxifying, remineralizing, and stimulate the skin.  Try our Black Baltic Mud wraps for new levels of comfort and health.

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